Airborne Ultrasound has its own significant place in predictive maintenance. Like infrared thermography, airborne ultrasound detection has many applications. Specifically, airborne ultrasound is used for leak detection, valve inspections, bearing inspections, electrical inspections, and lubrication programs. Airborne ultrasound detects and locates sources of friction and turbulence.

InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc. (IRIS) is happy to announce we are now representing UE Systems in Ontario. The staff at InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc. (IRIS) has more than 14 years field experience in Airborne Ultrasound and have provided training on its various applications and equipment operation, regardless of the manufacturer of the equipment.

UE Systems is revolutionizing airborne ultrasound detection with the new Ultraprobe 15000. To arrange or attend a demo of their equipment and software, contact us at
or call us at 1-877-526-IRIS.