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InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc. (IRIS) is the thermographic inspection contractor of choice in Victoria.

We offer an extensive range of infrared inspection services that capture critical information about the state of your assets. Avoid unnecessary suspension of production or loss by booking your thermal imaging consultation today.

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Protecting your assets is paramount, and electrical apparatus is no exception. You have the ability to extend its lifespan and avert catastrophic failures.

Whether dealing with distribution lines or transformers, each piece of electrical equipment generates heat that serves as an early warning for potential failures. At IRIS, our expertise lies in detecting and quantifying this heat through our specialized thermographic inspection services, safeguarding the electrical installations at your Victoria facility.

Thermal imaging is the art of harnessing heat to fathom what lies beneath the surface, offering a straightforward yet potent method to unveil concealed problems.

Our thermographic inspections, tailored for both residential and industrial needs, employ infrared cameras to capture temperature fluctuations across structures. Proficient analysts then spot problematic zones by contrasting temperature variations with their surroundings. Essentially, we illuminate trouble areas that might elude your notice

Whether it's mold, moisture, leaks, insulation gaps, or electrical irregularities, a thermographic home inspection or industrial assessment uncovers a spectrum of issues within your asset's framework. Should any component function below par, our thermal imaging testing will likely unmask it within your Victoria property or building, solidifying your asset protection strategy.

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Thermal imaging, or infrared thermography, serves as a crucial predictive maintenance technique, enabling the monitoring of thermal patterns in machinery, electrical setups, and building structures without disrupting normal operations.

In Victoria, routine thermographic inspections present a highly efficient approach to enhancing equipment and systems, concurrently thwarting expensive and disruptive equipment breakdowns.

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At IRIS, we carry out thermographic inspections of electrical installations throughout Victoria. Whether you’re involved in the heavy industry or manufacturing, our thermal imaging services give your maintenance programs a major advantage for early problem detection. You can count on us for the detection of hot spots in virtually any type of electrical equipment including but not limited to:

  • Substations
  • Control panels
  • Transmission lines
  • Switchgear
  • Motor starters
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Operating from Victoria and spanning world wise, IRIS offers Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services to a diverse array of clients. Our services encompass high-rise residential and commercial real estate, health care, government, utilities, marine, and industrial sectors, creating a comprehensive reach that extends far and wide.

From our central headquarters in Toronto to satellite offices strategically positioned in Vancouver and Accra (Ghana), IRIS maintains a dynamic and skilled team composed of technologists and engineers. Each member possesses a range of specializations, allowing us to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients across various industries and locations. Our commitment to delivering high-quality PdM services knows no bounds, and our global presence reflects our dedication to excellence in asset management and maintenance.

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What can I expect while working with IRIS?

When you schedule an on-site thermographic inspection with us in Victoria, you can rest easy knowing:


You can expect the highest level of service

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That the screening can be performed without halting production

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Technicians only need unrestricted access to the apparatus that is being checked for hot spots

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We use next-generation FLIR thermal imagers that are proven to deliver highly accurate heat measurements and clear visual images even if little or no lighting is provided

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Upon completion of an on-site thermographic inspection our technicians will take reference images so that all deviations can be easily spotted

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You will receive a report, detailing existing and potential heat-related equipment problems

At IRIS, we’ve provided the benefits of infrared technologies to hundreds of customers all over Victoria and worldwide.

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