My birthday recently passed. At 46 years old, I am in the constant process of personal preventive maintenance. I take my supplements and practice yoga in a last ditch attempt to repair and/or stabilize the damage that 30 some odd years of playing sports, running, roller derby and dancing in 4-5 inch heels for hours on end have done to my body. Fortunately I have always been conscious of my health and fitness, and I am still walking, albeit some days slower than others!
The point is, that preventive maintenance is probably the only reason I haven’t already had both my knees and a hip replaced. I know, 46 is young, but, long story short, I started with damaged goods.
So how does this relate to the business we are in? Simply this, if you haven’t been conducting preventive maintenance on your capital assets, like your electrical distribution system, your roof, your HVAC systems…chances are you are in for some big nasty repair and/or replacement expenses when you have inherited a bunch of old rusty equipment with no replacement parts and no plan for what to do if you have a failure.
This is what is happening in older buildings’ electrical distribution systems. It’s going to be a big problem, a big fat headache, for property managers when a 400A Canadian Electric Box fused disconnect switch fails. Sourcing replacements for this old equipment is a nightmare. Installing brand new replacement equipment is an even bigger nightmare because they don’t make switches that small anymore. So you have to move shit around. Sometimes you have to move everything around. Not fun. Not cheap. Not something you could have planned for.
So how do you know if this is going to happen to your old building? If you aren’t doing predictive and preventive maintenance it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s “when”. There just aren’t many of these old switches available, and most electrical contractors are not in the position to keep an inventory of them.

How to ensure your equipment ages gracefully:
A: Annual infrared inspections
B: Annual shut-down maintenance
C: Create and maintain an equipment inventory

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