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Predictive Maintenance Services

Cover your Assets with Predictive Maintenance

Regular predictive maintenance of electrical, mechanical, structural systems and machinery helps to detect problems invisible to the naked eye, thus preventing downtime and costly repairs, guiding corrective action, reducing energy expenditures and increasing overall safety.

At InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc. (IRIS) we are committed to providing our clients with the very best unbiased and comprehensive predictive maintenance program available.

Our predictive maintenance inspection methods include but are not limited to the following: infrared thermography, sub-station & breaker inspections and testing, vibration analysis, airborne ultrasonic analysis, generator testing and maintenance, electric motor testing and fluid sample/oil analysis testing.

Predictive maintenance pros

Most PdM inspections and (online) condition monitoring is performed while equipment is in regular service, thereby minimizing disruption of normal system operations. Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) emphasizes the use of predictive maintenance in addition to traditional maintenance programs to protect the performance of assets and minimize risk.

To discover the many ways IRIS can help protect your assets, contact us