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Infrared Thermography Inspections for Roofing Systems

Take advantage of highly accurate infrared thermography roof inspection

Water is the source of life. But when it comes to saturated roof insulation, it’s also a ‘troublemaker’. When water finds its way through shingles and reaches underlayment, multiple attic leaks, blistering, corrosion, and mold growth are to be expected. Have you ever wondered how much it will cost you to remediate all those effects? Save yourself the bother of making 5-figure calculations and get ready to go to the expense. Or make use of IRIS roof thermal imaging services and avoid spending a great deal of money on what could be easily prevented.

In most cases, wet insulation occurs due to poor-quality roofing materials, workmanship failures, or Mother Nature’s hard blows. When there are no ceiling leaks and other visible signs, it’s hardly possible to detect the problem with the naked eye. But you are no longer supposed to be unaided. A thermal imaging roof inspection with the use of top-of-the-range infrared cameras can show you all wet areas found with your insulation. As a result, you will be able to take preventive measures before the problem escalates and, thus, protect your real estate assets from the disaster waiting to happen.

How does roof thermal imaging work?

Infrared scans can be performed to inspect built-up, single-ply, PVC, EPDM, and other roofing systems. The idea lies in analyzing the thermal conductivity of a building covering and detecting anomalies caused by water penetration. The thing is that moisture reduces the R-value of insulation and causes minor to major temperature changes of the roof surface. These deviations can then be detected with close to 100% accuracy during an infrared thermography roof inspection.

With IRIS, however, you can avail yourself of more than just the detection of wet insulation areas. What makes us the company of choice for thermal imaging roof inspections in Toronto, Canada is that we are available for everything from performing complete infrared surveys to documenting the results. To ensure accuracy, our thermographers use advanced moisture meters and high-definition infrared cameras.

Once an inspection is over, and you are provided with the results, you will be able to:

  • assess existing and potential risks associated with wet insulation
  • schedule repairs and prevent further deterioration if needed
  • extend the service life of your roofing system
  • prevent the breach of your roof warranty
  • make sure it’s safe to stay in the building

Want to take an infrared look at your roofing system? If you’re in Toronto, call 416.479.0270 to book a thorough thermal imaging roof inspection with IRIS!