Many industrial, high-rise and commercial fires are caused by faulty electrical components, which result in costly downtime, lost production, equipment replacement costs, injury or, at worst, loss of human life.

Infrared thermography provides non-destructive detection of potential “hot spots” and allows for planned monitoring of electrical apparatus and scheduling for preventive maintenance repairs before catastrophic failure occurs.

This non-invasive technology can be used on transmission and distribution lines, substations, transformers, switchgear, fused disconnect switches, motor starters, control panels and various other types of electrical apparatus. All of these have one thing in common, they usually do not fail quickly or without warning.
They fail over time and generate heat through infrared radiation. Our technicians are able to detect this heat radiation with the latest infrared imaging equipment from FLIR. The (S)P660 Infrared Imager from FLIR has a sensitivity > 45 mK and accuracy > +/- 1%, and over 4 times the detail of cameras with 320 x 240 IR resolution.

A scan is conducted throughout your facility on all electrical and mechanical apparatus. Reference images are taken to provide examples of equipment operating at normal efficiency levels and to point out any thermal anomalies.

We then generate a report in digital and hard copy to provide your electrician a clear picture of the equipment requiring attention or repair.

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