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Infrared Thermography for Electrical Systems

Non-destructive thermographic testing of electrical equipment in Toronto

No equipment is designed to be used forever. Electrical apparatus is no exception. That said, it’s in your power to extend its lifespan and make sure it doesn’t go out of order sooner than expected. Whether it’s about distribution lines or transformers, every piece of electrical equipment tends to generate heat that can serve as an early sign of potential failures. At IRIS, we are in a position to detect and measure this heat during a thermographic inspection of electrical installations at your facility.

Are you wondering why you need to get an infrared scan conducted? Well, regular thermal imaging electrical inspections can help you:

  • detect faulty components and replace them before a major breakdown occurs;
  • fine-tune equipment performance;
  • maintain a safe working environment by minimizing fire-related and other risks;
  • prevent unnecessary downtime;
  • save a great deal of money in maintenance costs.

How do we carry out thermal imaging electrical inspections?

With IRIS on your side, you can expect the highest level of service. When you schedule an on-site inspection with us, you can rest easy knowing that our skilled technicians will come and perform infrared screening of your electrical systems without halting your production. We will only need unrestricted access to the apparatus that you want to get checked for hot spots.

The first step in thermographic testing of electrical equipment is to run a scan to evaluate the temperature profile of apparatus and spot anomalies. To this end, we use next-generation FLIR thermal imagers. Infrared cameras from this brand are proven to deliver highly accurate heat measurements and clear visual images even if little or no lighting is provided.

Once an on-site thermographic inspection of electrical installations is complete, our technicians will take reference images so that all deviations can be easily spotted. Following that, we will prepare a detailed report, pointing out all existing and potential heat-related equipment problems. Preventative measures are then to be taken.

What apparatus can be scanned using infrared technologies?

At IRIS, we carry out thermographic inspections of electrical installations throughout Canada. Whether you’re involved in the heavy industry or manufacturing, our thermal imaging services can be a boon. You can count on us for the detection of hot spots in virtually any type of electrical equipment – substations, control panels, transmission lines, switchgear, and motor starters, to name a few.

Remember, taking good care of electrical systems is not supposed to be challenging. With IRIS, that is going to be as easy as pie!