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Infrared for Refractory

On-site infrared thermography refractory inspection – Your equipment is now in safe hands

Whether you’re involved in the gas industry or a steel-making process, you know how crucial a refractory material is to resist high temperatures. When used in vessel lining, it creates an additional layer of protection against overheating and prevents equipment breakdown. Like any other material, however, refractory may once fail because of extreme expansion, contraction, and a myriad of other heat-related stresses. But you can leave those worries behind! IRIS can perform a careful infrared thermography refractory inspection right at your facility, thereby making sure the structural integrity of your heat barrier is not compromised. Even if it really is, you’ll find that out before any catastrophic failure occurs.

IR inspections can be carried out for a variety of refractory-lined vessels, including furnaces, boilers, incinerators, kilns, and piping, to name a few. IRIS specialists can check any of these for heat deviations and carbon build-ups using leading-edge thermal imagers. Our IR tools allow us to come up with error-free testing results for further monitoring and maintenance.

On the whole, many factors may lead to the failure of heat-resistant materials. Fortunately, regular infrared thermography refractory inspections can help you not only detect existing flaws but predict and, thus, prevent future ones. Below you will find some of the failure types that thermal imaging can ‘uncover’:

  • Hot spots in the vessel’s joint sections, seams, burning areas, etc.
  • Material voids, cracks, and gaps
  • Refractory heat loss
  • Sintering

Protect your business from unexpected downtime with infrared thermography refractory inspection

At IRIS, we pride ourselves on helping industries develop. No growth would be possible if you had to shut down your manufacturing facility because of frequent machinery breakdowns. With us, you can successfully prevent the unexpected and stay aware of every single process inside your furnaces, rotary kilns, or other vessels. Thanks to an in-depth infrared thermography refractory inspection, you will always know why, what, and when corrective measures should be taken.

Don’t take the safety of your plant personnel for granted, either. There’s nothing more dangerous than vessel overheating that may lead to industrial fires or even explosions. Our IR tests will ensure that your equipment is risk-free in terms of temperature profiles so that injuries and fatalities can be prevented.

If you’re interested in an on-site infrared thermography refractory inspection in Toronto, Canada, IRIS is at your service.