IRIS’ high voltage specialists are trained and certified in multiple disciplines of predictive maintenance technologies to ensure every effort is made to capture a clear and concise report of the condition of your high voltage equipment. IRIS high voltage services include infrared services, predictive and preventative maintenance and testing of transformers, substations, high/low voltage switchgear and breaker maintenance.

Whether performing complete shut down maintenance or local isolation, high voltage preventative maintenance is a necessity in order to monitor the condition of the oil in transformers, indications of cellular insulation breakdown, the condition of your main breakers, and to clean away any airborne contaminants that can cause flash over hazards.

High Voltage

IRIS also offers arc flash hazard analysis, arc flash hazard labeling, single line drawing, electrical safety programs.

IRIS Infrared Imaging Solutions’ inspectors use both infrared thermography and airborne ultrasound to do on line high voltage electrical inspections in order to give a more accurate and thorough coverage. Infrared thermography detects hot spots produced when there is an electrical anomaly.  rogram and compliance assessments, personal protective equipment plans and arc flash safety training programs.

Infrared can not detect the presence of corona discharge, however, which is produced when there is ionization of air molecules due to an electrical discharge. Corona does not generate heat but generates a distinct airborne ultrasonic signal which can be detected by ultrasound.Two technologies used together to give a more comprehensive coverage.