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Furnace Integrity Management

IRIS is pleased to announce that through a strategic partnership we now offer complete furnace integrity management solutions including:

THERMOGRAPHY – Monitor heater integrity

  • Predictive planning
  • Tube temperatures
  • Hermocouple validation
  • Catalyst poisoning
  • Pigging cleanliness check
  • Coking and fouling

COMBUSTION ANALYSIS – Optimize burner operation

  • Heat balancing
  • Leaning flames
  • Heater efficiency
  • Afterburning
  • Delayed combustion
  • NOx and SOx

TURNAROUND INSPECTION – Inspect, document and repair

  • API visual inspection
  • Refractory inspection
  • Monitor tube condition
  • Casing integrity
  • API936 and QA/QC
  • Burner condition
  • Project management

How can we help you?

  • Maintenance and turnaround planning, support and execution
  • Furnace startup/commissioning assistance
  • Tube skin thermocouple confirmation and validation
  • Fouling/coking mapping
  • Heater health check and combustion analysis
  • Infrared camera and pyrometer conformance check
  • API visual inspection services
  • Observation port design
  • Refractory inspection and repair resources