The energy and utilities sector is changing everyday. New and renewable power sources are becoming a part of the landscape across Canada and IRIS’ technicians are┬áprepared to provide infrared thermography service, vibration and ultrasound analysis, oil and fluids analysis and whatever predictive maintenance it takes to help keep new power sources running smoothly and meeting or surpassing their life expectancy.wind and solar energy

There are many uses for predictive maintenance and non-destructive testing in the energy sector. We have been working with hydro utility providers to scan and monitor distribution lines and high voltage transformers for many years.

With renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panel plants, and the enormous level of investment in to these technologies, predictive maintenance makes more sense than ever. Wind turbines are notorious for gear box failures. A combination of infrared thermography, and vibration analysis can help the operating engineers to predict component failures in the gear boxes as well as monitoring the condition of the composite wind turbine blades.