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Infrared Thermography for Building Envelope Systems

Infrared thermography for building diagnostics: It’s time to reveal the truth about your envelope system

IR thermography has been successfully used to examine not only electrical systems but also building envelopes for more than 30 years. What makes it such a versatile diagnostics solution is that it allows for non-destructive testing with unerring accuracy. It only takes a matter of hours to perform a thermography building inspection and identify all existing and potential problems with its envelope system.

The aim of this analysis is to contribute to building sustainability and, thus, help you save money on ever-increasing energy costs. As they never go down, it’s your interest to make sure neither damaged insulation nor HVAC failures can cause heat loss, air leaks, etc. Remember, even if no visible signs of infiltration/exfiltration are seen, there’s a good chance that they can be detected with a thermal imager.

IRIS is always at the forefront of advanced predictive maintenance technologies. That means we have everything it takes to perform an IR building thermography scan for you using the latest high-definition thermal imaging equipment. Its key applications include:

  • examination of thermal bridges in insulation;
  • visualization of energy losses;
  • analysis of HVAC systems, doors, and windows for infiltration/exfiltration issues;
  • detection of floor leaks and moisture build-ups;
  • identification of mold growth;
  • assessment of the overall building condition.

Who can benefit from thermography building inspection?

As part of preventative diagnostics, IR thermography can be used to detect energy losses in all types of buildings (commercial, industrial) and even cultural heritage sites. Besides, this method of envelope testing is essential to recommissioning and redevelopment projects because it allows you to analyze the performance of the structure that has been renovated. Should you need that, you can take advantage of thermal imaging for house inspections, too.

If you’re a real estate developer or an engineer, our services will be useful to you. Infrared thermography for building diagnostics can help you meet LEED certification requirements, check the workmanship quality, ensure the integrity of the envelope system, and more.

Schedule your inspection with IRIS and cut energy costs

IRIS is an undisputed leader in building thermography in Toronto, Canada. If you want to have some envelope system examined for potential air leaks or energy losses witHeat loss through brick exteriorh high-def FLIR imagers, we are at your disposal. Simply submit a form to schedule your IR inspection or request further details.

Please note that thermal anomalies, leaks, and other issues are best detected when it’s 0 degrees centigrade or during the natural cooling process – at night. If possible, book an inspection well in advance so that we can schedule it when the weather conditions are perfect for testing.