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Aerial Roof Thermography

Get a bird’s eye view of your roof during aerial thermal imaging inspection

IRIS now comes up with an innovative solution for scanning million-square-foot or larger areas. Aerial thermography can be used to the advantage of roofers, contractors, and property owners who need to check multiple buildings for wet insulation or heat conductivity problems. In times past, you had to carry out a series of on-roof inspections and allocate enormous personnel resources to perform an infrared scan of a large-scale project. Fast-forward to today, all you have to do is turn to IRIS and allow up to 2 nights until we take care of everything.

As its name implies, aerial thermography is the recording of roof temperature variations from above using advanced infrared cameras. Thermal images are combined with GPS data and CAD drawings for the more accurate detection of the areas where moisture is trapped. These insights are then used to draw up a comprehensive report on thermal anomalies found within a range of buildings.

When you are provided with the results of the aerial thermal imaging inspection, you will be able to spot wet insulation areas, check potentially saturated ones, and detect other existing problems. IRIS will be pleased to assist you with that by providing core samples and using moisture meters during a close-up scan.

Why are aerial infrared inspections so cost-effective?

If your project involves a bazillion roofs that need to be inspected, scanning them one by one will take too long – to say nothing of how many specialists will have to be engaged. Airborne imagery is the best alternative as the recording can be performed over a night (depending on the area under inspection) and at low operation costs. Thus, it will save you a great deal of time and money.

What’s more, aerial imaging can be beneficial to you when it comes to unbiased roof inspection. IRIS may act as a disinterested third party to assess the condition of your roof to facilitate your decision-making on further maintenance.

No matter how you slice it – this thermography technique is a win-win for you. Rely on IRIS to get the most out of it and avoid being overcharged. We are available for aerial infrared inspections in Toronto, Canada and offer emergency services if needed!