Aerial Infrared Roof Scans
Aerial Scan of 1.25KM


For larger roof area projects (over a million square feet) IRIS has introduced Aerial Infrared Thermography as a means to cut the time and manpower required to do an on-roof thermal scan.
The aerial inspection is carried out over a night or two and images are compiled into a
report showing the thermal images as well as google earth images and overlaid with the cad drawings of the surface and surface anomalies that suggest moisture.

With this visual map of the roof’s entire surface, the consultant or roofer can easily mark off obvious areas of wet insulation and test (using core samples or moisture meters) areas that are less obvious yet suspicious.


Over the past couple summers IRIS conducted an area scan of roofs across the west end of the GTA and downtown Toronto. AREA SCAN allows a lower resolution image over a wide geographical area that is sufficient to “see” thermal anomalies likely to be caused by moisture. These images provide the owner with an idea of the roof’s condition and can be easily verified using simple moisture testing techniques and/or an on-roof thermal inspection.

For roofing consultants and roofers, infrared thermographic images save time and manpower and for the owner of the roof these images provide a visual verification (from an unbiased third party) of areas needing repair or replacement.