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In August of 2001, Brian Jastrow incorporated and
formed IRIS – InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc.

His vision was to offer an array of predictive maintenance services (PdM) to help building and facility managers save on costly repairs and downtime, improve tenant and employee health and safety and decrease energy consumption.

Toronto & Worldwide

Today, IRIS offers PdM services to high-rise residential and commercial real estate, health care, government and utilities, marine and industrial clients all over the globe.

Operating from our Toronto head office and satellite offices in Vancouver and Accra (Ghana), IRIS maintains a team of technologists and/or engineers with varying specializations.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

IRIS uses the latest equipment and technology in infrared thermography, vibration analysis, airborne ultrasound analysis, motor testing, oils and fluids analysis.

As ESA certified electrical contractors, IRIS has expanded to offer high/low voltage, substation and transformer testing and maintenance and general electrical repairs as well as operation and maintenance services to the renewable energy sector in solar and wind power.