If you ever wanted to know what an electrical fire looks like before it starts, this is for you!

infrared hot conductor describe the image 1600 Amp Pressure Contact Switch 600V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz Main Disconnect
 infrared hot fuse  describe the image Thermal variance detected across Phase C line side cable connection migrating to main contacts, fuse barrel and conductor.
 infrared hot pressure contact switch  describe the image Recommendation:Shut down main electrical equipment. Clean, Lubricate, Exercise, torque as required. Reconnect Phase C terminal and test resistance. Diagnose repair or replacement requirements.

When people wonder why they have an electrical fire, it is often simply a lack of preventive maintenance. With proper predictive and preventive maintenance your electrical equipment can last years past it’s life span. Just imagine how your car would run if you never changed the oil or filters…for 20 years!!