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There’s no denying that neglecting predictive maintenance may lead to the suspension of production and asset loss. With InfraRed Imaging Solutions Inc. (IRIS), however, you can prevent that from happening to you. Based in Toronto, we are up for an extensive range of infrared thermography inspection services for high-voltage substations, electrical equipment, distribution lines, refractory machines, steam traps, building envelopes, roofs, and more. We are here to unveil critical information about your systems even if it remains invisible to the naked eye.

Established in 2001, IRIS has been successfully preventing electrical, mechanical, and other equipment from failing ever since. Our technicians have carried out more than 15,000 thermographic inspections so far, helping our customers save millions in unnecessary replacement costs. The IRIS’ team is qualified as required by the latest industry standards and determined to continue expanding its expertise.

As of now, IRIS is considered a leader in infrared thermography services in Toronto and nationwide. Our reputation is built on complying with strict safety guidelines and providing unmatched customer service along with competitive prices. With us, you can get a much bigger picture of your equipment without exceeding your budget.

How can you benefit from professional thermographic inspection?

Infrared thermography inspection is all about evaluating and monitoring temperature profiles of mechanical or electrical equipment for diagnostics purposes. When conducted regularly, this predictive maintenance technique provides a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Better visibility. Much like an X-ray, an infrared camera allows you to see what can’t be noticed under normal conditions. It is used to detect and translate heat signatures into readable and understandable data.
  • Cost-effectiveness. With IRIS’ infrared thermography services in Toronto, you can identify not only existing but potential system failures to minimize maintenance costs and keep your equipment up and running.
  • No downtime. Infrared thermography is a non-destructive technique, meaning that it doesn’t affect the serviceability of equipment being tested. Plus, you can keep using it even during the heat signature analysis.
  • Equipment optimization. Knowing more about the performance of your machinery will help you find out how it can be improved. Our infrared technologies will allow you to take a closer look at system efficiencies and bring them to the next level.

Industries we serve

The potential of infrared thermography inspection is close to endless. With its pinpoint accuracy of analysis results and non-destructive features, this procedure can be useful for the following sectors:

  • manufacturing
  • automotive
  • heavy industry
  • marine
  • real estate
  • MUR
  • and the list goes on

At IRIS, we’ve already turned infrared technologies to the benefit of hundreds of customers all over Canada, including US Steel Canada, Metcap Living, CBRE, Brookfield Properties Ltd., WSP Group, Capreit, Oxford Properties Ltd., Great Lakes Power, SNC Lavalin O & M, Redpath Sugar, West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., City of Toronto, City of Brampton, Region of Peel, Infrastructure Ontario, Town of Richmond Hill, Brookfield Power, Algonquin Power, Halsall Associates, Bentall Kennedy, Read Jones Christofferson, Riocan, Algoma Power, Del Property Management, University of Toronto, York University, etc.

We’re looking forward to helping you save your assets, too. Contact us to schedule your inspection and get a quote!


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